Apart from its beauty, Slovenia is famed for its wine, and its winemaking artistry dates back to prehistoric times. It has more than 28000 wineries and vineyards covering approximately 22000 hectares. 

If you’re a wine lover, you might find yourself bewildered, not knowing where exactly to go for a grip and sip of the Slovenia wine. Slovenians are great winemakers, but there are wineries which stand out than the rest.

Lepa Vida Boutique Winery

Located in Viva Valley, west of Ljubljana, Lepa Vida is famed for their experience in making local wines. Apart from enjoying the wine, the owner Matija is always enthusiastic about taking you through the stories and history behind their winemaking. While few Wineries welcome visitors, Lepa Vida is still open.

Vinag Wine Cellar

Vinag wine cellar is a traditional winery in the city of Maribor. It is one of the oldest wine cellars in the world, and it is renown in Slovenia for wine archives where you can find the best vintage wines. The Old vine also hosts the Old vine festival in September to celebrate Slovenian wine history.


Vina lies in Koper port city, adjacent to the Adriatic Sea. The Winery delights in being one of the oldest wine cellars in Slovenia, producing traditional Slovenia wines. The city nested within hills of vast vineyards plantations is gorgeous.

More than 500 hectares of the vineyards belong to VinaKoper. If you intend to go for a wine tasting or a wine tour in Vina, you have to make reservations. Vina is famed for the rich wine varieties with Refosco and Malvasia the most popular.

Ptuj Wine Cellar

Ptuj is one of the oldest wine cellars in Slovenia. If you want to learn about traditional wine, artistry Ptuj is excellent. Ptuj wine cellar preserves wine from the 1900s and makes classic wines like the Laski Rizling, Sauvignon, Traminec, Chardonnay and Renski Rizlin.

Ptuj wine cellar has an exclusive winery tour for visitors through wine archives, wine tasting, and wine film watching for an in-depth grasp of Styrian wine history.

Vino Zorz

Vino Zorz is one of the biggest secrets of Slovenia. Located in Slap, Vipaza, it is one of the most extensive family-owned vineyards in the country. Vino Zorz prides in the rich history of the expertise and passion for winemaking. From 1696, the family has held on their tradition of making classic wines in Slap. Apart from the welcoming hosts, you are guaranteed a fantastic wine learning session.