Most people who frequent restaurants, hotels, beauty parlors and other places where service providers are given tips must be at cross roads wondering if house cleaners should get something extra for a job-well-done. When you look though articles posted on the internet on the issue of tipping end of tenancy cleaning London professions, the general outlook is grave. Some professionals are never tipped and those who are lucky get bonuses for working over the holiday season. Unlike in the hospitality industry where the tip is expected to be within a certain range of the percentage of the overall cost of service, house cleaning does not seem to get such thought. 

Have you booked house cleaning services and are wondering what to give the service team to motivate them to work or appreciate them after they are done? While some people find it easy to appreciate people with money, the circumstances around the cleaning profession are what determine the kind of tip to offer. Some companies prohibit the receiving of tips by their staff members so it is always in order to ask before you make an offer which will be rejected. Here are some tips if you decide to offer tips to your End of Tenancy Cleaning London service providers; 

  • The team that will be sent to your property will definitely be placed under a supervisor who will be present on the ground. While it is professional to pass everything by them, aim to give tips to individual servicemen. This way, they personally feel appreciated and are sure that what you offered is what reached them. 
  • You can think of tips are anything else other than money. For instance, you might have learnt that the cleaning team will be at your property for a couple of hours. Since they might not be able to break for meals, how about getting them refreshments to take as they go about their job? They will definitely appreciate the gesture plus you will keep the team energized throughout the session. 
  • Moving is an expensive exercise but one that most people cannot handle without the help of a professional team. To ensure that the team that cleans for you gets continuous business, why not leave a positive comment on the blog or social media pages. Instead of giving something that will be used and forgotten in an instant, you will have added your voice to others that recommend their service, hence keeping them in business. 

Tipping is not mandatory but you can do it if you have received a good end of tenancy cleaning service.